All Hail the New Queen

June 15, 2017

Well, I have just let the bees do their thing.

My Girl Scouts, Meredith and Emma, came over to check the hives with me. They did all of the work. Super proud of them!

Bee Quiet has one full box of honey and one box of drawn comb.

Bee Crazy has no queen. We didn’t see any eggs or larvae. There is some capped larvae left but not much. The girls are filling the empty brood cells with honey.

So I zipped on over to Tess Arnold’s house and bought a new queen. He has hundreds of hives and raises queens. He make it look pretty easy. He picked up a couple of frames and found the queen. They with bare hands picked her up and popped her and a few ladies in waiting into a cage with a candy plug.

When I got home I put the cage into Bee Crazy. All the bees gathered around to see the new queen. I’ll check in a few days to see if she was able to eat her way out.

Bearding in the evening to cool off













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